BungeeCord Installation Guide

Our servers fully support the use of BungeeCord. This guide will tell you how to install BungeeCord and give you some things to think about if you are running a BungeeCord server.  

BungeeCord is a software that acts as a proxy between the player's client and the connected Minecraft servers.  End-users of Bungee see no difference between it and a normal Minecraft server. When the player connects to BungeeCord, it bridges the connection seamlessly to the Minecraft server and allows the player to connect.  From there, the player can use commands integrated into BungeeCord and/or plugin-operated portals to move themselves to different servers.  This system allows for a single server to become a network of seamlessly integrating servers. 

It is recommended that you have at least 3 servers for your BungeeCord network.  It is possible to run a BungeeCord network with only 2 servers, but the purpose is defeated unless you have at least 3 servers.  1 of these servers will be used as the BungeeCord server.  The other 2 servers will be used as the Bukkit or Spigot servers that BungeeCord will connect to.

JAR File
In order to have a BungeeCord server, you’ll need to have a BungeeCord JAR.  Download the latest BungeeCord JAR here: http://www.spigotmc.org/link-forums/bungeecord.28/ Follow the instructions in our guide on how to use a custom JAR file to upload and install it to your server.

It is generally recommended to allocate 1GB of RAM for every 1000 players that will be connecting to your server.  Please keep in mind that plugins may impact the amount needed in your case.  If in doubt, feel free to open a ticket with our Sales department and we’ll advise you on the amount of RAM you should purchase for your BungeeCord server.

BungeeCord has its own API that is different from Bukkit or Spigot.  Therefore, plugins that work with Bukkit/Spigot do not work with BungeeCord and vice versa.  However, the manner in which they work is similar.  If you want to add a plugin to your BungeeCord server, simply add the plugin to the plugins directory on your BungeeCord server.  After restarting your BungeeCord server, you’ll see a new folder in the plugins directory with the plugin’s configuration inside.

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